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X710-DA4 storage at full rate



I have recently purchased X710-DA4 Network cards. My goal is to use the 10Gb link to receive data almost at full line rate.

The data is going to be received by the server which has the X710 installed. So the traffic is one way only.

I need to utilize the full line rate and store the data to SSD RAID.

The question is which operating system, libraries, would give the best performance? I heard of the DPDK library but not sure whether it will be the best solution. Does Intel have its own libraries to achieve optimal performance?

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Hi Enoz,



Thank you for the post. Below is the website you can refer to the list of supported operating system for X710 series network adapter



There are many factors that affects the performance of the network adapter, we cannot conclude which operating system provides the best performance based on the operating system. If you are interested


with DPDK library, you may reported through the Intel® Premier Support site or access your IBL account and click


the Intel® Premier Support link to enter issues under the Product Name


"Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)", which are then routed to our support team of DPDK.



Here is the website for reference regarding optimizing performance on Intel NIC







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