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Xeon 5600 series and Vyatta / Linux Performance

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We have been running tests of small packets performance (UDP) to simulate a DOS situation, as we would like to make a extremely fast linux / vyatta based ethernet router that could manage DOS situations.

We are using Xeon 5600 series procesors and Intel 82576 network card.

We have been trying with several different software configurations, including regular Linux distributions with custom build kernels and also Vyatta 6.3 community edition.

We have found the following document by Intel: and even if we know we are not using the same exact hardware we cannot get even closer to the performance described in that document.

So we would like to know if it's possible to get more information about that document, as it shows the results but it doesn't give any information about what configuration parameters were set on the Vyatta platform to get this performance.

Also, it would be nice to know if that kind of performance is only achievable with Vyatta platform, or any linux platform should be able to provide this kind of performance using Intel hardware and the correct configuration parameters.

I know we don't use the same network cards, but before buying more equipment for testing purposes we would like to get some guidance.

I can post whatever technical / configuration details you may find interesting, but I think plenty of people like us is trying to get the better performance from Linux platforms for routing purposes, and it would be really nice having more information available about how this kind of performance can be achieved.

We will really apreciate whatever guidance you could give us, and If you find it interesting I will post all the details about the actual configuration we are trying.



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Hi Xavier,

I suggest you check out the Intel Embedded Design Center at The document that you linked to is a design center document, so your best chance of finding answers about the configuration used would be to ask there.

Mark H

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the hint.

Actually I've just registered and I've found some information, not the kind of technical information I would like, but at least some more information than I found before.

So I'll check at Intel Embedded Design Center and let's see what I can find.

I'll keep you updated.