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can't load drivers for pro/1000mt in windows 10 preview


The driver in Windows 10 for Intel pro /1000 MT suddenly does not appear to be working

I was running W7Ultimate and downloaded W10 preview successfully. I was running a Nvidia nForce at that time.

I successfully accessed my LAN and the internet.

Suddenly, perhaps on an update, Nvidia stopped working. I figured the drivers were not working. But I could

not find appropriate drivers at the Nvidia site.

So I purchased an Intel pro/1000 MT complete with a disk of drivers.

It would not install successfully. Several error messages were presented. "DEVICE ......could not be migrated"

"Device requires further installation"

The symptoms are:

In Device Manager

the adapter card is shown as working.

driver is identified as iqvw64e.sys

When I attempt to update with a driver from the Intel site, I am told the driver installed with W10 is the latest.

In The Network Sharing center

No adapter is presented

Upon machine bootup

The bios presents a message: "No phy LAN cable"

yet if i use a cable that works on another machine (without changing the router connection) I get the same message.

I tried disabling and removing the Nvidia nForce ethernet adapter through the Device Manager. did nothing.

I tried to use the utility that enabled me to check out the card, but a message popped up indicating that the tools did not work on

the O/S I was using. (Windows 10)

I looked at the microsoft compatability site. It indicated the intel PRO network connections software ver 10 was compatible. downloaded.

ran it...the message i got was "NO INTEL ADAPTERS ARE PRESENT IN THIS COMPUTER". But I see the adapter. it is physically installed correctly.

I tried different pci connectors. the same message. I am at a loss.

Does anyone have any idea how I might be successful in installing a driver for this card so I can get back to work using W10?


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The reason of this is that there are no official Windows 10 drivers for this Ethernet adapter. So It will be necessary to wait until Windows 10 becomes an official Operating System.

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Hi whburling,

Thank you for the post. In case you are referring Intel PRO 1000 MT Server adapter, this model does not have Intel driver for Windows* 10. You may check in the download site below: (Please correct me if this is not the model you used)

I assumed the Windows* 10 drive you used is built-in driver from Microsoft* that is why when you tried updating from Intel website, you were told the driver is already updated.

Have you tried testing the PRO 1000MT in another operating system (e.g windows 7 or 8) and getting the same result?



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