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configure the triple speed ethernet register with verilog


Hello! I am using TSE(triple speed ethernet) ip core to implement communication bewteen my pc and the FPGA(cyclone IV). But I don't know how to configure the TSE register with verilog. I do read some information from the user guide. For example, here are from the user guide:

Base registers to configure the MAC function. At the minimum, you must


configure the following functions:


• Primary MAC address (mac_0/mac_1)


• Enable transmit and receive paths (TX_ENA and RX_ENA bits in the


command_config register)

But I don't know how to realize this configuration in my project with verilog.

Anything can be help!

Best wishes!

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Hi Siepha

Thank you for posting in Wired Communities. Further checking inquiries for Altera product should be supported by Altera support, you can contact them at Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore Function Resource Center or you may go to, select Login or to create a new account, after the complete verification process (via email) you may use the Support section of Altera's website to create a Service Request.

Hope the above information help.



Sharon T
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