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constant Latency


I am using ether net controller 82574L on supermic MB - X8DT6-F .

we tested the altency with Lmbench we got 64ms.

even ping is also giving min of 64ms.

But now the problem is that the latency which we are getting is not constant it is varying on every run.

it is varying from 64- 130 ms.

we need is a constant latency ( my program stops working if latency changes time to time ).

even we used "InterruptThrottleRate=0" as driver option but tat did worked.

where we have simpler setup on Broadcom Ethernet it is giving constant latency. ( where latency is high 96ms)

these the OS and driver details

OS Centos 5.4(2.6.18-164.el5 # 1 SMP)

Driver version : e1000e-1.2.20

can any one plz help me to sort out the issue .

i need a content latency all the time.

Thanks in advance.

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I do not have an answer for maintaining constant latency, but maybe some of the tips for reducing latency might apply. Improving Measured Latency in Linux for Intel® 82575/82576 or 82598/82599 Ethernet Controllers was written about different drivers and Ethernet controllers than yours. However, you might be able to use some of these tips to help get you closer to your goal.