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descriptors for Ethernet Media Access Controller Initialization

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Hi there, 


I am working on a Cyclone V SoC system. It is the Cyclone V SoC Development Kit.  

I wish to initialize the ethernet MAC. I am using ARM DS-5.  


i wish to write a simple application through which i may transmit and receive data through the ethernet port connected to the hps.i was looking for some guidance/hints as to how to go about doing this.  


Please do correct me, if you feel that anything I post here is incorrect.  


I have read through the cyclone V documentation and from what I understand, I am to initialize the DMA, Ethernet MAC (EMAC) and MAC, before beginning the transmit/receive operations.  


For this I need to create a list of transmit and receive descriptors.  


I am unaware of how to go about doing this. 

Would anyone happen to know where I can get some sample code for a similar application, or even suggest appropriate C syntax/code to initialize a descriptor chain.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated :) 


I would like to mention that I am not intending on using any OS support. This is to be a bare metal application. I am trying to build up upon the GSRD system, that is provided by the supplier.
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I'm facing the same issue, did you solve the problem? I'm also trying to use Ethernet through bare metal application on SOC dev.board. 

Please help. 



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I am also looking for a solution to the same problem. Any reference or example code for ethernet and USB in bare metal. 

Please help us. 

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