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ethernet port not working anymore

HP ProBook 430 G5 Notebook PC
Microsoft Windows 11


Very strange issue:

When connecting the CAT cable to LAN port on my ProBook it gets a link (on a router port which I use several months already) but after trying to identify the network for a while it says "no identified network" and switches to WiFi.

This is my office network which it worked before for years, and yes... I tried ALL solutions available I found in the internet (driver update, re-installing, Windows troubleshooters, even a fallback to an earlier Windows state).

The same behavior has been identified at two locations, two different networks, so definitely the  local hardware.

Strange thing is that if the LAN port/chip would be broken, I assume that it won't work at all, but as it gets a link and is available in the device manager (there everything is OK) I am really confused and don't know where to go on.

- did the Realtek driver installation

- chose repair of drivers

- tool was installing/updating all drivers

Screenshot 2022-10-10 135031 (1).jpg 

 - DHCP is used, tried also to set static IP, no change

- as said, same behavior on different locations/network, anyway, changed the cable, same same... definitely no cable issue

- ethernet is working via cable with USB-C adapter

HP network assistant also tells me that everything is fine.

So I really think it is not a hardware issue, as also device manager tells that everything is OK, but some kind of Windows/HP driver issue. It really started from one day to the other, without doing critical things on the setup (besides the normal Windows update procedures).

On Ubuntu the interface works fine...

Would be great to get any hint I can build on.

Thanks a lot for your support!


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Hello TommyM74,

Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities.

Since you are using a Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller, please be informed that you will be best assisted by HP which is your system manufacturer. We would suggest contacting HP support for further assistance as your request is out of our scope. 

HP Support

We will now proceed closing this request. If you need any additional assistance regarding Intel Ethernet Product, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this message and may you have a good day!

Best regards,

Crisselle C.

Intel® Customer Support

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Thank, this is what I did at first.

HP was not able to resolve the issue, so that's why I am asking this community.

So, the search will go on...

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I don't get it. Why would you come to the Intel site for an issue with a Realtek LAN adapter? You should have gone directly to the Realtek site.
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Because the chipset is Intel?

And because I already asked everywhere else?

I don't get why you post such comments without any helpful content, request is already closed anyway.

HP community seems to be much more emphatic than the Intel one.

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