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ideas for next gen networking for gaming modems


hi intel corp I will give you some ideas to help

why you don't make a new gaming modem you can see that netgear and other corps that make gaming modem but the gaming modem they make are not strong for real gaming always there problems always

I think is time intel that you can compete in gaming modem the true is that gaming modem technology is very weak for real time gaming networking for online multiplayer game that use heavy traffic network use

is time that you make something very power for gaming cable modem for that support all providers

here ideas of the gaming cable modems

make the modem support real speed for download and upload 10,000mb download and 10,000 upload

make something that can use a super fast memory of 1gb ram or more

make a extreme super fast cpu dedidcate it 6 or 8 core for the gaming modem 2.0ghz or higther

dedicate it 10 gigabit ports that support 10,000mbs

64 extreme download channels and 64 extreme upload channels

support all dosics up to 3.1 in download and upload too

make to select any channels download and upload to first star or change it

extreme next gen wapa 3 wirless security and extreme speed

extreme turner modulation 10,000ghz that remove static,noise,and clean the signal ,and voltage protection

new futuristic desing for gamers

dedicate it motherboard and hardware for gaming

full firmware gaming software

internal speed test software too


next gen turbo custom firewall so you can play with the firewall and be secure or disable and don't slowdown the network performance and speed

firewall ids ips (https encription or highter security level )

next gen anti exploit tech

anti scrips attack protections

login modem https or highter to prevent hackers by pass the modem login

next gen ddos and dos attacks protections

turbo pakage deep inpection so the network don't slowdown

port scan protection

anti ramsomeware protection

web anti exploit protection

next gen network monitor to see all program and device and ect running and see the speed of any device using and ect

make real time detections for applications and ect

make to enable or disable any device or only the device you what to allow in lan network and wirless to be secure in both sides

make to detect ip conflict and fix it automatic

make next gen nat that have nat aceleration this will improve the network performance and security and that don't have conflict with other modems so you can open it and don't have problem in games

improve next gen comunication

improve next gen vpn make turbo vpn and solid security

improve mac security to prevent hackers clone your mac address and ip from your modem and devices

make a modem test this test is to detect if any part of the modem is not working or is damage by voltage or any part

make support for ip4 and ip6 in all the areas

make a new technology that the modem can scan multiple ip and process the ip super fast this can reduce ping time when you will enter a website and gaming

make a new tech for network boost acceleration

improve 500% network stavility in all areas

prevent hakers enter remotely to the modem only the provider with a secure login

make the next gen firmware so you can update the modem with a secure firmware update that don't infect with malware /and don't forget to always make update for the modem and improve ect

next gen turbo qos

make to change the modem ip login incase you don't whant to be for example you can change it to 192.200.01 this is example so you can change it to ect you whant

make to disable or enable any uknow ip or any ip

you can add a antivirus if you whant

add full 4k and 8k support for real speed

ect this is your opportunity intel to start selling for the first time in history real solid gaming cable modems that support all providers

this will allow gamers have better connection and better stavility and security...…….. most gaming modem right now sucks

I am just helping think this is a good idea

add more features and ect

10-4 out

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Hi Kakashi2000,



Thank you for posting in Wired Communities. We appreciate your interest in our participation to develop your idea. Intel has an extensive ongoing program of research and development, we are always excited by new innovations proposals. However, in order to prevent confusion or disputes regarding property rights in ideas or inventions, our policy is to not accept unsolicited material.



Our apologies for any inconvenience, we appreciate your understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions or require support with any of our products or services. Thank you.







Sharon T


Intel Customer Support


Agent under contract to Intel


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