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intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection "Problem"

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hi, mi problem is with LAN Network Connection, i tried to connect but showme a message error "Network Cable Unplugged". this problem begins one day, before works fine without problems, i check drivers, unistall and intall, plug unplug cables, switch off router, check connection with other computer and work fine(LAN), the problem is mi computer when connect the cable on back mi pc the grenn ligth blink.

mi pc is a HP Pavilion m8020n, with vista 32 bits, the network adapter is in motherboard(leonite P5LP-LE), adapter is Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection, i use a Moden-Router Westell model D90-327w15-06.

i repeat the connecction (LAN) work fine before but some day the problem begins. In this moments i have internet access by wireless in my router but i want mi LAN back, please helpme

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Hi Roncaba, try to swap cable or run the diagnostic test found in the device manager, network adapter properties to check further the real problem.

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hi Sage99

i tried everythings and don't works, i change a verizon fios a change a moden but still the problem contiinue, when connect the lan thats connect only a seg. and cut again.

thanks anyway

if you now another way or if anyone else