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intel pro/1000 mt server problems with CAT6 cables!


I have a new intel pro/1000 MT server adapter, adter so many problems to get it work (both on ubuntu 13.10 and windows), there seems to be a major issue in it's operation. when using cat6 patch cords (tried different 4 new patch cords all manufactured by Belden, and all tested to be OK by other adaprtos ) there is a huge packet loss, as much as the interface speed is in range of kbps when connecting to another GB interface, just by replacing the cable with any old cat5e, it would work fine! what could be the cause?!

let me repeat that I have checked those CAT6 cables, connecting other interfaces, and they work perfectly, the issue is only happening for this 82545gm intel pro/1000mt interface. as much as I know CAT6 is fully backward compatible! so I cant understand whats wrong in here! int


after checking the interface statistics I see many errors:

ethtool -S eth1

rx_errors: 1670


tx_errors: 0


tx_dropped: 0


multicast: 0


collisions: 0


rx_length_errors: 0


rx_over_errors: 0


rx_crc_errors: 9354

but I don't know the reason!

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