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intel pro quad port nic


I have a 10/100/1000 quad port nic here that is having problems.

THe problem is that no matter what machine i put it in, it only recognizes 2 ports. Ive tried the latest drivers and i have a second card here that doesnt exibit the same behavior. Im not sure what else to try. Typically i have pretty good luck with intel cards. I need this to run part of our server cluster.

Any other thing that i can check?

Are intel cards warrantied for life?

The yottamark decal on it lists it as: PRO-1000 PT Quad Port LP Svr Adapter when i looked up the sticker code.

Please help.

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If you purchased a new retail adapter from a dealer, the limited lifetime hardware warranty from Intel applies. See for details. The bottom of this page has links to an RMA form or contact information for Intel Customer Support. The retail boards have a product code on one of the labels that says EXPI9404PTL or EXPI9404PTLBLK.

If you bought the adapter second-hand or if you have an OEM version of the adapter, you would have to check with the place where you bought the adapter to find out their policy for warranty, returns, or other support.

I hope this helps.

Mark H

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