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pro/1000 GT issues with server 2008 R2


I have a server with 2 of the above mentioned adapters in them, I have verified them to be working in other systems. But in this server they do not seem to want to work. The will sit on identify for a while then switch to unidentified network. The router does not see the nics connecting to it. I have tried with both a static reservation and dhcp , neither work. I am using the most current drivers. Everything appears correct in device manager.

There is an onboard nic and it works fine. I have disabled it in the bios and just in teh OS and the same condition applies.

Any Ideas?


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I don't have a good answer. I have a few questions that might provide us a clue.

Do the adapters have any error in the device log?

Any entries in the event log that might be related?

What operating system and service pack level was installed on the systems where the network adapters were working? Is there something different about the cables or the switch on the system where they are not working?

What is the value for the hardware Ids for the adapters? (From Windows Device Manager --> Details Tab -->Property:Hardware ids) and what is the driver date and version? The only driver for Windows Server 2008 R2 and those adapters is the one Microsoft provides as part of the OS. I am curious to see if the adapter's hardware ids are being identified correctly, which affects loading the right driver in Windows.

Is SP1 installed (or not) on the system where the adapters failed?

Mark H

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