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software to copy over NIC team more fast


Hello all

Situation is like this: 2 servers, one giga switch, 2 giga NIC's on each servers, SLB team created on each side, port channel configured.

I successfully bounded two 1gbps NIC's on each side to get 2gbps link. I know that in case of point to point transfer (IP to IP) I can utilize only one interface.

But somewhere sometimes I heard that out there is some sort of program which can create several TCP sessions to make utilization of whole NIC team possible. Do you know guys about that sort of software ? Really appreciate that. I need to copy our backups fast and my manager will probably not approve purchasing of 10gbps NIC's.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Trubac, you can try using iperf software to emulate multiple connections.

run this command in the client side:

iperf -P 10

the value 10 will emulate 10 client connecting to the server


I just tried your suggestion. Still showing just 1 Gbps instead of 2 Gbps (1.9 Gbps)

I am starting to be afraid that creating new session is not enough in this scenario. Probably is it necessary to copy to different destination IP address. So point to point copy will probably not utilize 2 NIC cards both ways.

So nobody knows any special software/program to acomplish my goal ? (copy from point to point utilizing two 1 Gbps NIC cards)

Many thanks in advance