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wake on lan with multicast



I'm trying to setup wake on lan for a home server. Basically I want it to start when the adapter receives an ethernet multicast request.

This happens typically when you start any computer in the network.

My server is an hp microserver and I installed a gigabit ct network adapter to get extended wol options. I'm running ubuntu 12.04 server with kernel 3.5.0 (and e1000e module 2.0)

I use the ethtool program to setup wol like this : ethtool -s eth0 wol m

(m means multicast, other available options are p (physical activity), u (unicast), b (broadcast) and g (magic packet))

So far wol works, in fact it works much better than expected... Using wireshark I found that some broadcast messages (with destination address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF) are actually waking up my server ! I think the server shoud wake up when receiving requests with destination address starting with 01:00:5E (IANA multicast range) only. Am I wrong ?

This is annoying because my Internet cable router is sending some arp broadcast requests that wake up the server all the time.

So my questions are :

-is the behaviour considered as normal ? (broadcast packets identified as multicast packet for wol)

-if no does a fix exist or can be released ?

-if yes do you know a workaround to achieve my goal : wake up a machine automatically without having to send a wol magic packet and ignoring broadcast arp requests.

Thanks for help,


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