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why are there are no USB 3 over Ethernet devices, "USB extenders", on the market?


tl;dr There are plenty of adapters that transmit USB 1 or 2 protocol over Ethernet cable (marketed as "USB extenders"). Why not USB 3?

Here is a typical USB 2 over Cat 6 Ethernet cable extender. Currently they tend to price in the +$100 USD range.
The USB 1 over Cat 5e Ethernet cable are typically in the $20 USD range, a seemingly low price.

Yet USB 3, which was standardized in 2008, has at this time, January of 2022, no "extender" devices on the market.
Is this because of a technical difficulty of using Ethernet cable to transmit USB 3 protocol?
Or is market demand, compared to already available options (USB 1 and 2 "extenders"), not enough to justify the costs of producing USB 3 "extenders"?
Some other reason?

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While it is true that USB was originally invented by Intel, it is an industry standard and this standard is managed by an industry-wide organization called the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). You need to be directing your questions and ideas to that organization (start at


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