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why the cldemote uses here in dpdk21.02?


In dpdk21.02, it add the cldemote feature. I see it used in the DLB eventdev driver. But I don't understand why it uses here as followed.


>static __rte_always_inline int

>dlb_recv_qe(struct dlb_port *qm_port, struct dlb_dequeue_qe *qe,

> uint8_t *offset)



> cache_line_base = (void *)(((uintptr_t)cq_addr) & ~0x3F);

> *offset = ((uintptr_t)cq_addr & 0x30) >> 4;


> /* Load the next CQ cache line from memory. Pack these reads as tight

> * as possible to reduce the chance that DLB invalidates the line while

> * the CPU is reading it. Read the cache line backwards to ensure that

> * if QE[N] (N > 0) is valid, then QEs[0:N-1] are too.

> *

> * (Valid QEs start at &qe[offset])

> */

> qes[3] = _mm_load_si128((__m128i *)&cache_line_base[6]);

> qes[2] = _mm_load_si128((__m128i *)&cache_line_base[4]);

> qes[1] = _mm_load_si128((__m128i *)&cache_line_base[2]);

> qes[0] = _mm_load_si128((__m128i *)&cache_line_base[0]);

>/* Evict the cache line ASAP */

>rte_cldemote(cache_line_base); // why used here ?

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