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x520 T2 10GB Dual Server Adapter


We've started having a problem with one of our clusters. One of the servers has decided it no longer wants to see the network over the x520 T2 card. The work around seems straight forward - simply disable the adapter and enable the adapter and it begins transmitting packets again. So not ideally practical when the server reboots as we start up with no networking.

The server is a Dell PowerVault NX3000 (2950) in a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise cluster.

It uses it's Broadcom cards teamed with BACS for accessing the iSCSI SAN and the Intel X520-T2 as an ANS ALB Team to access the LAN. It's the LAN connectivity we lose until we do a disable/enable.

It all began following some windows updates, but oddly the other server in the cluster applied the same updates without this issue.

To try to resolve it I uninstalled using ProWin64 and made sure the adapters were gone from device manager. Then reinstalled. Still the same issue.

Can anyone help?

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Hi Bill,

I can't think of anything off the top of my head and do not know of any bugs that would cause this.

I have a few questions and maybe the answers will give us a clue.

Is there anything in the Windows event log from either the ixn or ans (teaming) drivers?

Does the team have a fixed IP address or DHCP? When the team is not communicating does ipconfig show the expected IP address as assigned?

Is there anything in the switch log that might be related to communications issues?

Is the X520-T2 in each server installed in the same slot? Any differences at all between the servers that you can think of?

Which network connections software version is installed?

Mark H

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