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10/100 Mbps Ethernet with MAX10 device (10M08DCF256I7G)

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Hello guys, 


I need to design a cost sensitive solution for an embedded system using ucLinux. The solution will be basically an IP phone, so the SIP stack must be implemented. 


Since cost is very important I'm thinking in MAX10 devices.  


For solving the problem I think I need to use the following IP cores: 

1) NIOS II processor 

2) External SDR SDRAM Controller 

3) Triple Speed Ethernet IP 

4) External Flash Controller 


I would like to use the 10M08DCF256 device based on its cost and features, however I don't know if the resources available are enough for all the IPs I want to use. I have seen examples using the 10M50 devices for TSE but they a lot more expensive than the 10M08DCF256 which is in the target price range. 


Bigger devices are too expensive and will kill the project. 


If someone can shed some light on this I will be very grateful. 


I'm a bit disoriented :( Please help. 


Thanks again 


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Talk directly to distributors (arrow) and Altera reps. They can usually get the price down significantly based on volume.

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