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1pcs 10AX032H4F34E3SG failed in the field, we would like Intel help process further FA.


Based on SR information, the customer reported issue:

"The input 2 HDMI connection dosen't work".


Fault Duplication Test Plan:

1. Power up the unit

2. Extract available logs from unit

3. Verifying functionality of the unit

4.Check PCA, cables and connectors.

5. Check all voltage conditions, clocks and etc. .

6. Perform X-ray inspection

7. Swap the suspect part to a good one.


Fault Duplication/Isolation Results:

1. The unit has been powered up.

2. The unit has been connected to PC and the boot log has been captured. The system is protected by the customer password so it is not possible to obtain the log bundle via ethernet.

3. The know good gold camera has been connected to the unit via HDMI cable. The HDMI ports 1,3,4,5 were working correctly however the hdmi input 2 did not work at all.

4. PCA and cables were connected correctly.

5. All voltage conditions and clocks were OK.

6. Using the X-ray, the U197 FPGA checked. No anomalies were found.

7. The U197 FPGA has been changed to a good one and after that the unit HDMI port was working correctly.

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This is Intel support agent.


Typical FA support process in Intel forum is via private message to protect customer design confidentiality.

I will initiate the private message discussion with you shortly.





Intel Support Agent


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