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5G LDPC IP 版本问题


​需要使用5G LDPC IP ,但是 5G LDPC的IP Core又只在Quartus Pro版本里才有, 客户的很多完整设计都是基于Quartus Standard版本 , 需要确认:

1 5G LDPC IP 是否有 Quartus Standard版本 的?

2 能否将Pro版本的5G LDPC的IP Core最终输出成一个网表文件,在Standard版本里调用? 如何解决.qxp 和 .qdb 文件兼容问题。

3 后续的Quartus 19.0 标准版本,是否可以支持5G LDPC IP

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As I understand it, you have some inquiries related to the support of 5G LDPC IP in Quartus Standard Edition. Please see my responses as following:


1 5G LDPC IP 是否有 Quartus Standard版本 的?

[CP] No, currently it is only available in QPro Edition.


2 能否将Pro版本的5G LDPC的IP Core最终输出成一个网表文件,在Standard版本里调用? 如何解决.qxp 和 .qdb 文件兼容问题。

[CP] Since the IP is built for QPro, you would not be able to to port it over to QStd. Sorry for the inconvenience.


3 后续的Quartus 19.0 标准版本,是否可以支持5G LDPC IP

[CP] As I checked into the internal database, seems like there is no support of this IP in Qstd in near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.



Best regards,

Chee Pin