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ALTASMI and M25P64 flash

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Hallo together. 


I use a Cyclone 5 and an numonyx M25P64 serial spi flash as configuration device. This flash is nearly the same as an epcs64 device. 

I could program the flash with the quartus 13.0.1 sp1 (64Bit) programmer and the fpga configures well from flash after restart. 


In user mode I try to access the flash with the ALTASMI IP. I can read the silicon ID (0x16 = numonyx). 

Then I try to do an sector erase. On the oscilloscope I can see that the right commands are send to the flash. 

After that I try to read the status register, to get the information when the sector erase is done and a new operation could be started. Here I can also see the RDSR command on the oscilloscope and the flash answers with 0x03. This value would make sense. But now I see, that the ALTASMI IP resets the busy signal after a few clocks and the status_out stays at 0x00. When I watch the signals at the flash with the oscilloscope I see, that the IP reads the status register many many times and the answer is 0x03, until the flash is not busy any more and answers with 0x00 than the IP stops reading status. So I could never see the content of the status register at status_out. 


Have someone ever had similar problems? 

Any ideas? 



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