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About Parallel flash loader and CPLD

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I have a question about the Altera Parallel flash loader IP. 

I have an Altera DE1 board and i have tested this IP with the embedded Flash memory in the DE1. 

All works great, thanks for the AN386 docs. 


I want to start a low cost project with juste one CPLD ( MAX II EPM 240 ) and a Spansion 8Mo Flash memory ( S29GL064). 

According to the docs this memory is compatible. 


Is it possible to use PFL for programming the Flash memory with JTAG connection over this low cost CPDL instead an FPGA ? 


Thanks in advance
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I am facing a similar situation, where I want to use Cyclone II (on DE2 board) to write to a Parallel Flash memory, using the GPIO ports. 


I won't be using the flash memory, for FPGA configuration, but for another project, where I need an EEPROM (Parallel).  


1) Were you able to program the device using the Max II? 

2) When we use PFL IP, does it add any overhead in the flash memory? 

3) Is it easy / possible to use a text file (e.g. MIF memory Init file) with binary, hex values to write to the memory? 


Thanks in advance :-)
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Another related question.. 

After a flash has been burned, can it be safely soldered without risk of data loss / corruption. Are there any recommended precautions to take.. (ESD.. Solder Temp..)