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About the simplex RX CDR refclk of arria 10 transceive which runs under 15Gbps


Hi sir/madam,

    I have one question about the CDR refclk which is little details in UG,  I want to build two seperate bonded simplex RX channels( 4 channels for each one), and want to place this two bonded RX channels into  two different channels, and the max data rate of each lane I expected is large 12.5Gbps,

    1)I want to know that if it's suit if I provide one refclk to two seperate two bonded RX channel? If not, that means I need to provide two seperate refclk to seperate RX channels?

    2) And I want to know that the refclk is better  option from the dedicated refclk input?

    3) And if I want them to run at 12.5 Gbps, the refclk is more large more better?

    About the refclk, there is little knowledge in the UG, so I expect more information about it just because that I care more about rx than tx in my design.

    Device : arria 10 10ax115s2f45i1sg




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