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Arria II Demo Board SODIMM test



I was wondering if anyone has managed to run the demo ( on the Arria II demo board. I compiled the project and loaded it. The test never completes. The test starts, local_ready goes high. Then, local_write_req goes high. After 16 values have been written, local_ready goes low and never goes high again. local_write_req also stays high. 


The behavior of local_ready seems to indicate that the controller could not accept any more data. The fact that local_ready never goes low again may mean that the DDR never finished the transaction. 


Any ideas? 

Thank you
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Hi. Had any luck with this? I am having a similar problem, with local_ready staying low on a stratix iv (not with demo).  


The local_ready will stay low until the device finishes calibration. In my case, I know calibration is completing, and reads and writes have been going a while before local_ready goes low and stays low.  


If you've had any luck debugging your issue, or any more clues, please share.  


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Actually, I gave up on that example and started looking at one of the app notes on how the get DDR2 working on Arria II - it was one of the documents from the Memory Resource center pages on the Altera site - I am not at work and forgot which document that was. At the end I still had issues running it with Full Rate. I changed it to Half Rate and it started working. Since that was what I was after, I left it like that. I will get back to it later and figure out why it did not work at full rate. I am sure it was not getting constrained correctly. When I do get back to the full rate, I will try to post my findings.