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Arria II GX kit + SDI + VIP , only CVI->CVO, CVO no output

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Arria II GX kit + SDI + VIP , only CVI->CVO, CVO no output. 


There are is_clk,is_data,vid_clk,vid_data,vid_data_input,no av_readdata,av_writedata,is_active_line_count_f0,is_active_line_count_f1. Doesn't Avalon-MM work? how to deal with it? Main clock is 100M,CVI.control connect Avalon-MM Pipeline Bridge.Avalon Memory Mapped Slave.CVI.clock is 100M. 


Who can help me?
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Post the SOPC/QSys screenshot here.

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Please check Qsys. To change util_bridge_1,sdi_in_1,sdi_out_1'clock from 100M to 150M,many signals can be looked using SignalTap II Logic.such as,u1_A2gxSDI3G|rx_video_format,rxdata,tx_std,txdata,sdi_in_1|is_clk,is_data, 

is_valid,is_ready,sdi_out_1|is_clk,is_data,is_ready,is_valid,..etc. But there are no video output. If there are no Qsys,only using loopback, there are video output. 


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Please check Qsys.bmp. 

CVI Parameters: 

Bits per pixel per color plane:10bits 

Number of color planes:2 

Color plane transmission format:Paraller 

Field order:Field 0 first 

Sync signals:Embedded in video 

Allow corlor planes in sequence input 

use vid_std bus 

width of vid_std bus: 3 bits 

Extract ancillary packets 


widh:1920 pixels 

Height-frame/field 0:540 


Pixel FIFO size:4000 

use control port 

Generate synchronization outputs:Yes 


CVO Parameters: 

image width/Active pixels: 1920 

image height/Active lines:1080 

Bits per pixel per color plane: 10 

Number of color planes:2 

Color plane transmission format:Paraller 

Allow output of channels in sequence 

Interlaced video 

Synces signals:Embedded in video 

Active picture line:21 

Ancillary packet insertion line:0 

Horizontal blanking:280 

Verticla blanking:22 

Horizontal sync:0 

horizontal front porch:0 

Horizontal back porch:0 

Vertical sync:0 

Vertical front porch:0 

Vertical back porch:0 

F rising edge line:564 

F falling edge line:1 

Vertical blanking rising edge line:561 

Ancillary packet insetion line:0 

Vertica balnking:23 

Vertical sync:0 

verticl front porch:0 

Vertical back porch:0 

Pixel fifo size :1920 

fifo level at which to start ouput:1919 

use control port 

Accept synchronization ouputs 

Runtime configurable video modes:3 

width of vid_std bus:3
Honored Contributor II

using SignalTap,sopc_system:sopc_system_inst|alt_vipitc111_IS2Vid:sdi_out_1|vid_std = 0. The CVO doesn't work normally,is right?

Honored Contributor II

The screenshot doesn't give any information, since You've not expanded all the modules and connections are not shown. E.g. now it shows that pipeline bridge slave is not connected. 


vid_std shows video standard and has nothing to do with the stream itself.
Honored Contributor II

Hi, Socrates,thank you very much for your reply. 

I fixed the design in Qsys.The TPG connect to CVO directly, TPG and CVO no control. If no software control,normally it should be have output,is right? But my CVO no output. 

TPG parameter is 

Maximum image width:1920,Maximum image height:1080, Bits per pixel per color plane:10, 


Output format: 4:2:2 

Color plane configuration: Parallel 

Interlacing: Progressive output 

Pattern: Color bars  


The SDI is tested by loopback. It is OK. There are output. 

From Qsys CVO only have the follows parameter: 


.sdi_out_1_clocked_video_vid_clk(tx_p2_pclk ), 







A2gxSDI3G_ch4 u1_A2gxSDI3G ( 


.rst_rx ( reset ), //input  

.rst_tx ( reset ), //input 

.sdi_gxb_powerdown ( 1'b0 ), //input  

.gxb4_cal_clk ( gp_clk ), //input  


//core config settings 

.enable_ln ( enable_ln_p2 ), //input [0:0]  

.enable_crc ( 1'b1 ), //input [0:0]  

.en_sync_switch ( ), //input  

.enable_hd_search ( 1'b1 ), //input  

.enable_sd_search ( 1'b1 ), //input  

.enable_3g_search ( 1'b1 ), //input  


//tx inputs 

.tx_pclk ( tx_p2_pclk ), //input - loopback clock  

.tx_serial_refclk ( gxb_refclk ), //input - from pcie 148.5 vcxo  

//.txdata ( fifo_data_p2 ), //input [19:0]  

.txdata ( sdi_tx_data_sopc), //input [19:0]  

.tx_trs ( sdi_tx_trs_sopc ), //input [0:0] - not used  

.tx_ln ( {sdi_tx_ln_sopc,sdi_tx_ln_sopc} ), //input [21:0] - not used  

//.tx_std_select_hd_sdn ( ), //input  

//.tx_data_type_a_bn ( 1'b1 ), //input  

//.tx_std (pclk_74),  


//.tx_trs ( txtrs_p2 ), //input [0:0] - not used txtrs_p0 

// .tx_ln ( {11'b0,txln_p2} ), //input [21:0] - not used {11'b0,txln_p0}  

.tx_std ( tx_std_p2 ), // tx_std_p0  


//tx outputs 

.sdi_tx ( hsma_tx_p[0] ), //output [0:0] 

.gxb_tx_clkout ( tx_p2_clkout ), //output [0:0]  

.tx_status ( tx_p2_stat ), //output [0:0] - not used 


//rx inputs 

.rx_serial_refclk ( gxb_refclk ), //input  

.sdi_rx ( hsma_rx_p[0] ), //input [0:0]  


//rx outputs 

//.rxdata ( sdi_rx_data), //output [19:0]  

//.rx_data_valid_out (sdi_rx_data_valid_out ), //output [1:0]  

.rxdata ( rx_p2_data ), //output [19:0]  

.rx_data_valid_out ( rx_p2_data_valid ), //output [1:0]  

.rx_clk ( rx_p2_clk ), //output -same as "port1_rx_clk"  

.rx_status ( rx_p2_status ), //output [10:0]  

.rx_ln ( rx_p2_ln ), //output [21:0]  

.rx_std ( rx_p2_std ), //output [1:0]  

//not used 

.rx_anc_data ( rx_p2_anc_d ), //output [19:0]  

.rx_anc_valid ( rx_p2_anc_v ), //output [3:0]  

.rx_anc_error ( rx_p2_anc_er ), //output [3:0]  

.rx_std_flag_hd_sdn ( sdi_rx_std_flag_hd_sdn_0 ), //output [0:0]  

.rx_F ( rx_p2_F ), //output [1:0]  

.rx_V ( rx_p2_V ), //output [1:0]  

.rx_H ( rx_p2_H ), //output [1:0]  

.rx_AP ( rx_p2_AP ), //output [1:0]  


// reconfig inputs 

.sdi_reconfig_clk ( sdi_reconfig_clk ), //input  

.sdi_reconfig_togxb ( sdi_reconfig_togxb ), //input [3:0]  

.sdi_reconfig_done ( multi_reconfig_done[0] ), //input  


//reconfig outputs  

.sdi_reconfig_fromgxb ( rc_fromgxb[16:0] ), //output 16 bits 

.sdi_start_reconfig ( sdi_start_reconfig[0] ) //output  


Why is it not output?
Honored Contributor II

The CVO have output. I fixed the parameter of CVI and CVO according to Altera supported's suggestion. Thanks!