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Arria II GX with PCIe and 4 independent SerialLite channels

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we try to implement a PCIe interface with 4 lanes and 4 independent SerialLite channels with 1 lane in an Arria II GX device (EP2AGX125) and have a problem with reconfiguration (ALTGX_RECONFIG). SerialLite needs reconfig for offset cancelletion. In our test scenario all SerialLite channels should be placed in transceiver block GXB1, using the 4 channels.  

Is there a way to connect the reconfig block to GXB1 with the 4 SerialLite channels or is only 1 SerialLite channel in a GXB possible. How must the 4 sets of reconfig_fromgxb and reconfig_togxb lines be connected to the only 1 allowed reconfig block there. A critical warning is produced when reconfig is switched off (reconfig_togxb = 4'b0010 to all SerialLite channels), but this seems to be the single way to fit the example. 



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