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Arria II GZ, Arria V, Cyclone V dont support DIMM in any form factor

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Hi, under "External Memory Interface Handbook November 2011" pg 8-4, It mentioned Arria II GZ, Arria V, Cyclone V currently dont support DIMM in any form factor. Is there any reason why this is so? Is it technology limit or it will be support in the future release of the IP?  


If the HIP in Cyclone V currently only support component type of DDR3. Can I use the soft memory controller IP for DIMM DDR3? If yes, how many max I can put in the Cyclone V device? 



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i don't think Cyclone V will support DDR3 DIMMs because of write leveling 


i expect only Stratix IV/V support DDR3 DIMMs