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Arria10 PCIe: no completion for endpoint MRd

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Hello board, 


I am using the Arria10 PCIe HIP (avst) as an endpoint. 


I have PIO read/write working as well as posted writes. I am trying to get non-posted read working, but I have not had much chance so far. 


AFAICT my TLP header looks good, as well as my creds; bus mastering is enabled; but I am not getting neither a completion nor do I see any error reported on the root. 


Here is what I am sending (in hex on a 256b bus): 


00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00117500 050000FF 00000002 


So, in layman terms: 


- length = 2 DWORDS 

- first/last byte enable : 0xFF (all) 

- requested ID : 05:00.00 

- host physical address: 0x117500 


If anyone has any idea what I am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated. 


Thanks !
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After fiddling with the transaction size I realized that 1 DWORD read request work. Anything bigger than 1 DWORD is ignored. I read somewhere that Avalon-MM interface has a single-dword completer mode; however, I am using the Avalon-ST interface so I don't think it applies.

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So, as it turned out completion were actually sent. It's just that SignalTap would not catch it as it would happen too soon after the previous breakpoint.