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ArriaV MAC throughout

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Hi All, 


I need to send ~0.7Gbps from ArriaV FPGA to outside. What interfaces might be used for this purpose? 


I thought to use the HPS Ethernet MAC, which should support up to 1Gbps of raw throughput. But what's the real payload throughput supported? 


Does someone have an experience with a real throughout of this MAC? 


Thank you!
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Just wonder if you are looking for any specific IP to implement the interface? If you would build your own logic in the core, in term of IO, you can use the LVDS SERDES to implement the 700Mbps.
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OK, actually I need to send Ethernet packets, not just a raw data @0.7Gbps. So, I need to know whether the ArriaV HPS Ethernet MAC supports this bit rate. Someone told me that this IP practically support just up to 100Mbps in TCP and up to 300Mbps in UDP (I'm talking about the pure data throughout (payload) without taking in account headers, crc and other stuff).