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Avalon-MM burst mode uniphy

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Hello! I try to use altera reference disign multiport frontend with different burst size in ports; 

I dont completely understand how works burst addressation. 

For example : i use data wingth 256 bit => master_addr = {user_addr,5'b0}; 


i write burstsize = 2 in address =7 => master_addr = 00E0; data - d(1)='.....e1' d(2)='....e2' byteenable = ffffffff; 

how i understand in this case d(1) write in addr=7 (00E0) and d(2)write in addr =8(0100)? correct? 



after that a write burstsize = 1 in addr = 8 data - 'e6' 


after that i read burstsize = 2 in addr = 7 and i get 'e1' 'e2'. I thought i will get 'e1' 'e6'. where i wrong?
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