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Bad impact of the alt_fifo on board

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I have an altrea stratix V on board. 



I decided to screw the megafunction FIFO with the asynchronous input / output to the project. After that, the marvell (lan 1000base-T) chip stopped on the board. 



1) I make the module for marvell work completely untied from fifo in the project, if only fifo was present in the code. Does not help 

2) I make the input / output synchronous for one clock, reduce the amount of memory. Does not help. 



I also noticed that a diode on the board lights up, which has nothing to do with the project at all. 



Good. I'm collecting a small project with fifo. 

1) I write down a value=1 in fifo and read it myself. 

2) The value I read is incremented into a separate counter. 

3) When the counter reaches a certain value, inverts the value of the diode on the card. 

Generally, an ordinary frequency divider is made, so that the diode flashes every second. Only the value of the increment is read from fifo. 


I flash the card, all the diodes on the card are lit up. 


From the frequency divider, I delete the read value fifo, but simply insert the constant 1 (make a simple increment by 1). Did this 100 times on the board. But while the project remains fifo hang. Start blinking on the card all LEDs goatically. 



I'm at a loss, can this megafunction affect work?
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The problem is solved. 

I removed all the outputs in the main module that are not connected and were used only for Modelsim during debugging and it all worked.
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