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Bug in Chroma Resampler (Quartus version 13.0sp1)

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I think I found a bug in the chroma resampler IP. 

The core is setup for conversion from 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 with 8 bit sample depth. 

I assigned the input samples in the following way: 


data0[23:0]=Y0CbY1 -> data1[23:0]=Y2CbY3 -> ... 

This is for the first two pixels of the first line of a frame. 

I triple checked the user guide and this should be alright. 


On the resampler output the luma samples are swapped: 

data0[23:0]=Y1CrCb -> data1[23:0]=Y0CrCb -> ... 


I verified this through functional simulation with modelsim and also have this issue when running on the actual hardware. 


Maybe this is a known bug but I couldn't find anything about it. 


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