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Clock_Derivered Bock Problem

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Hi, I'm trying to implement a design at a sampling rate lower than the clock frequency. 


So i implement this by a Clock_Derivered Block.  


I'm using a Altera Cyclone® IV EP4CE22F17C6N FPGA.  


The main clock i'm assinging it to PIN_R8 as said in the DE0_Nano_User_Manual. 


The circuit is in the image attached. 


In CLK_LOW parameters i ticked "Export As OutPut Pin". 


Now the problem is that i would like to view this clock with the oscilloscope but i don't know where does this block export the clock to....neither if i have to assign the pin or how to assing this OutPut Pin.
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I solved it.  

The Clock_Derivered Block needs an input of the crystal and on that board we only have an 50Mhz crystal source at PIN_R8. I used an DSP Builder Incrementor Block and a bus splitter for the Clock_Derivered Block and assigned to it.
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