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Clocked Video Output - Frame Locking - SOF

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Hello together, 


I've got a problem to get the clocked video output from the Altera VIP suite running into frame locking mode. I want to synchronzie the video output using the SOF input of the clocked video output component. 


My system is as follows: 

QSys: Test Pattern Generator -> Clocked Video Output <- external connection -> Clocked Video Input (cvi_a) -> Clocked Video Output (cvo_b) -> SDI II IP Core 


cvi_a has SOF outputs for synchronization. 

cvi_b has SOF inputs for synchronization. 


Both components are connected for synchronization processes outside the QSys. 


I set register of cvi_a at 0x00 to 0x0F for activating SOF outputs. 

I set register of cvo_b at 0x00 to 0x1F for activation frame locking. 


The system is working, in the case, that I see a 1080p30 SDI video at the SDI II IP Core output. 


BUT, the system is not SOF locked. 


The cvi_a didn't generate a SOF signal. 

The cvo_b didn't lock as a result of the missing SOF input. And it doesn't generate SOF outputs itself. 


-> Does anyone has an idea, why the system is not frame locking? 

-> Doest anyone has experiance in frame locking for the clocked video output? 

-> Is there a actual example design available for using frame rate locking? 


Thank you all, 


Best regards!
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