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Completer Abort or Unsupported Request via BFM

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I was checking a design using the Stratix IV PCI Express Hard IP using the generated BFM. Now I wanted the BFM to respond to a read from the Hard IP with a failure, like a Completer Abort or Unsupported Request. I tried giving it several random addresses to do the read but always get a valid read of all zeroes, but none of those are bad packets. Does anyone know how get the BFM to generate a failed response? 


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Are you using the Hard IP as an endpoint or root complex? The Altera BFM is pretty limited -- pretty much just proves out the basics. If you need to do more complex verification, you need a 3rd party tool. There are a few out there that are inexpensive and/or have free versions. My favorite is DrivExpress, which should support what you're asking about, assuming you're using the Hard IP as an endpoint.