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DDR2 Ip Core 3.3 vs 7.2

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is there a big deference between the 3.3 and the 7.2 version of the DDR2 ram ip core from altera? 


i have a project with a 3.3 version in it an i would like to upgrade it to the 7.2 version. 


any one done this? wat are the pitfals? and is the interface the same? 


thx a lot.
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The 3.3 is a standalone core while the 7.2 comes with the Quartus II. I believe some timing numbers and bug fixes are done in the 7.2 and also 7.2 might support more devices. The interface should be the same. 


The 7.2 also comes with a high performance one which uses the Altmemphy. That is totally different than the 3.3 version.