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DDR3 IP w/ QII_12.1 Uniphy Stratix V - Simulation - Outputs to Mem Components are X's

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I'm upgrading a working (sim & hardware) Stratix III Uniphy DDR3 controller to Stratix V design using QII_12.1 . The IP I've generated is for a "Quarter-rate" controller (ie 800MHz to the DDR3 components but 200MHz to the FPGA application side).  


I've built the simulation up in Modelsim SE-64 10.1b using the supplied scripts, but all the outputs to the DDR3 component (mem_reset_n, mem_ras, mem_cas, etc.) are unknown or mostly unknown even after a complete reset. Please see attached JPEG of waveform. 


All the inputs to the Altera IP block's top are known at this point in the simulation, and this isn't the behavior of our earlier SIII design. I've submitted a service request but there's been no response yet. Has anybody had this same problem? 


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Working now. I needed the input resets known at time 0, and to have the ucode (HEX files) located in the sim directory.

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