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DSP Builder 15.1 : radix 2 streaming FFT's example is not found

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i'm working on DSP BUILDER and while reading its handbook ' DSP BUILDER Advanced Blockset " ,especially the part concerns " DSP Builder FFT Design examples" i couldn't find in the library of DSP Builder the following examples :  

- Radix 2 Streaming FFT : The model file is demo_fft16_radix2.mdl. 

- Radix 4 Streaming FFT: The model file is demo_fft256_radix4.mdl. 


could Anyone help me to figure out where can i get these example sin order to simulate them .... ??? 


P.S : i did a global search in the folder ' Altera Pro ' in order to get these examples but unfortunately i failed , No items found !
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