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DSP Builder Errors

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I have a trial version of DSP Builder and I am trying to get a hang of it by building some of the examples. However whenever I try to synthesize any of the `dspa` examples I am greeted by the following error message: 


Invalid parameters for S-function 'demo_fird/FilterSystem/DecimatingFIR'. For code generation, S-function parameters must be one or two dimensional nonsparse numeric or character arrays unless the S-function uses a TLC file and has an mdlRTW function. 


So my question is, is this a problem with DSPBuilder? Or does DSPBuilder not ship with any synthesizable demos? 


Thank you
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It's saying one of the parameters used for generation isn't of the correct type. DSPB pulls parameters from the workspace every time it runs. Perhaps a parameter has changed? I've run DecimatingFIR in most every version of DSPB.