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DSP CIC problem

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I am observing a strange (to me) behaviour with a CIC IP instantiated in dsp builder (12.1sp2). 

I am using it to decimate a 10 MSample/sec signal to 100 KSample/sec. 




I used the following parameters: 

Filter type: Decimator 

Number of stages: 3 

Differential delay: 1 

Rate change factor: 100 

Variable Rate Change Factor Options (disactivated) 

Number of interfaces: 1 

Number of channels per interface: 1 

Input data width: 16 bits 


For the output I’ve tried to use also full output resolution, but the "problem" is still present. 



If I use more than 3 or 4 bits for the amplitude of the input signal (signed), then I obtain the results I expect, but with less bits no. 

If I use a 10 KHz signal as input I obtain the output as I expected (a 10KHz sampled at 100 KSample/sec) even with one only bit of amplitude, but with a 1 KHz signal the output is different (it seems somehow distorted). 


Please have a look at the screenshots present in the attachment. 



I find this behaviour very strange; probably there is some DSP reasoning I am ignoring. Maybe in order to obtain the expected results even with a 1 KHz tone I should configure the CIC differently or use it with some workaround. 



Any advice is more than warmly welcome. 


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How I can ask question on this forum? 

Can some one please post the link please?