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Deinterlacer problem

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I'm having some trouble with the VIP Deinterlacer. 


I've got a Deinterlace II working, but if I try and use Deinterlace I (because it can do very simple deinterlacing which uses much less ALMs) then it seems to just deinterlace about the first 32 lines, and then the scaler and everything else gets very confused. When I had a Avalon-ST Video Monitor the VIP-ST data said 1920x1080 but the video data only had 32x1980 lots of data, which is clearly wrong. If I look at the picture, the frame buffer works, but only the first 32 lines are changing with something related to the input video, and the rest is garbage, or what was left in the DDR memory. The Deinterlacer is set up for max frame size 1920x1080, but is only getting 720x576 at the moment. It's set for bob-interpolation and no frame buffers. Why would it only do 32 lines? I saw another thread on this, and it was never answered. Alternatively, why won't the Deinterlacer II do anything simple that only uses 300 ALMs rather than 3000? 


I suppose I should just deinterlace it myself.
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How do you use the deinterlace ii IP core? I want to use the deinterlace ii IP core in the Qsys,could you tell me how to do it? 


Could you share the qsys file or qsys connect picture to me ? 


Thank you.Best Regards.
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If you have a deinterlace IP example , can you send to me ? My email address is yuanmu0908@aliyun.com