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Developing a flash programmer using ADSP-21369

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I am doing a project on "Developing a flash programmer using ADSP-21369".Here we are using S29GL064A AMD flash.  


The main purpose of the project is interfacing a Adsp wih a flash programer using UART interface. This will be done in several stages. The real time data will be processed in adsp and the processed data will be stored in S29GL064A flash device in the form of sectors. Using VDSP++ embedded tool we will be coding the interface part and as well as the read write and erase the flash device with the help of register commands from the Adsp and eventually verifying each and every stage. 


Can anyone please post the source code for interfacing,erasing,writing and reading the data to/from flash. 

Here we are using bank1 as the base and AMI interface(Asynchronous Memory Interface)i.e NON SDRAM. 


Thanking in advance.
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Wrong group. This is for Altera FPGAs, not DSPs. 


The Spansion flash is CFI compliant. Go and grab some CFI code from somewhere, eg. Linux source, U-Boot source, or just write it. The flash unlock codes and programming sequences are in the data sheet. 



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Thanks dave and sorry for posting here