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Does Seriallite III for Arria10 have programmable pre-emphasis & equalizer settings?

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I am looking for a high speed serial communication between multiple FPGAs, and Seriallite fits the bill. I am using an Arria10 development board. Now, the main page for Seriallite III https://www.altera.com/products/intellectual-property/ip/interface-protocols/m-alt-seriallite3.html says that it has tunable pre-emphasis and equalization settings. I have explored the IP core in QSYS and I am unable to find any options to set the values. I actually don't see any parameters by that name. Even if I click the check boxes with respect to the Transceiver options, no new menu items appear. 


In contrast, if I open the Seriallite II IP core (targeting StratixIV), I see the option for setting the pre-emphasis and equalization parameters under Transceiver tab. 


It is fine even if Altera fixes the values automatically. I would just like to know if the user can set the values and to ensure that I didn't miss any options. 



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Hi Divya, 


Yes, you can configurator the pre-emphasis and equalization setting. Please refer to the transceiver ug under Analog parameter setting. You can use the qsf to tune the analog parameter settings page 568. 






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