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Does the hardware H-tile 100G Ethernet needs additional licence?


I have generated example design from H-Tile Hard IP Ethernet Dialog box and example design uses "Low Latency 100Gbps Ethernet MAC and 100BASE-KR4 PHY with FEC (6AF7 011F)" which works under OpenCore Plus evaluation.

Shouldn't the hardware MAC work without the special licence?

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Hello Welcome to Intel forum. Based on my understanding, Low Latency 100Gbps Ethernet MAC and 100BASE-KR4 PHY with FEC (6AF7 011F) need an additional license. Kindly contact your nearest Altera sales person or distributor to purchase a valid license file. To order by phone: >>In the United States and Canada, call Telesales at 1-888-800-0631. >>Outside the United States or Canada, contact your local sales representative or distributor. Please find the contact for our sales and distributor from link below: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/partner/where-to-buy/overview.html