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Dsp Builder 10.0 info

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A couple of questions on Dsp Builder 10: 


1) Does it work on Windows 7 64 bit? If not, what about Win 7 32bit? 

2) What is the latest version of Matlab supported. Can I use 2010a or do I have to use an earlier version? 

3) What is the recommended version of Modelsim (full version, not AE) to use? (not a Dsp Builder question but still I'm curious:) ). 


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1) It should work on Windows 7 64-bit, but you will still have to use a 32-bit version of MATLAB. 

2) I'm not sure whether 2010a is supported. However hether it is or not has no real bearing on whether it will work. It is more just indicates what has been tested. 

3) According to http://www.altera.com/download/os-support/oss-index.html, the AE version of Modelsim shipped with Quartus is 6.5e, so I would imagine that's also the supported SE version as well.
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