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Dspbuilder 13sp1: Error using alt_dspbuilder_mdl2xml

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I had used versions 2011 and 2012 of quartus alongside dspbuilder without problems. Dspbuilder succeded compiling the model files. 


But version 2013sp1 raises an error when trying to compile the model: 


Matlab error 

Error using alt_dspbuilder_mdl2xml (line 29) 

Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values. 

Error: Error during compilation: Error: Error analyzing model see log for details. 


This seems to be a programming error in the function alt_dspbuilder_mdl2xml. Unfortunately, it is a 'p' function that cannot be opened for editing. 


This error occurred in all computers I've installed quartus+dspbuilder version 13sp1. 


So, I'm asking the Altera staff for a fix to such issue because version 13sp1 is very atractive due to very good compile speed improvements over the previous versions. 


Cyclone III 


Matlab 2013a 


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