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Embedded MATLAB code in DSP Builder

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I need to use some MATLAB functions that I have in .m files in a DSP Builder project. In a first example I tried to use an Embedded MATLAB function block with a simple and inside, but I have this error when I try to analyze the model: 


Matlab Error Error using ==> alt_dspbuilder_mdl2xml at 29 Error due to multiple causes. Error: Error during compilation: Error analyzing Model see log for details.  


There is any way to integrate MATLAB code inside a DSP Builder project? 


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FYI, I found that the best (or the only) way to do that is translating de m function into VHDL via HDL Coder and then adding this HDL file with the HDL import block. 

Maybe this was a silly question, but if someone needs an answer int he future that's the way I did it.
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