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Error While generating HDL code using Standard and Advanced Blockset

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I have tried using Standard Blockset with Advanced Blockset COmbined. 

First Question is 

1) Whether I need to have HDL Coder for this ? 


I am referring to 3-4 section in this document https://www.altera.com.cn/content/dam/altera-www/global/zh_cn/pdfs/literature/ug/ug_dsp_design_flow.pdf  

I just attached the Basic Design of what I am trying. 

I just gave Input and Output connected. I used Standard and Advanced Blockset, the Simulation is running and I am getting expected Output (3.5 here).  

But When I am trying to generate HDL code using this Signal Compiler, I am having below trouble. 


Matlab Error : 

Error using alt_dspbuilder_mdl2xml (line 63) 

Java exception occurred:  

com.altera.dspbuilder.common.DSPBuilderException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\rtl\NewModel\NewModel_Adv_Blk___entity.xml (The system cannot find the file specified) 

at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.templates.XMLParser.loadDocument(Unknown Source) 



The error I am getting is NewModel_Adv_Blk___entity.xml file is not specified, but NewModel_Adv_Blk_entity.xml is generated.  

I am not understanding why there are three underscores (___) in before entity. 

Can you please help me this. Am I doing anything wrong in Procedure.
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what version of DSP builder and Matlab that you use? U need to ensure the version is compatible. Besides, did you able to run the example design that build for combined blockset?

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