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Error evaluating 'PreSaveFcn' callback of Input AlteraBlockset block

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I have installed the latest Quartus II with the DSP Builder, combined with the 64-bit version of MATLAB R2013a ( The operating system is Ubuntu 12.04. As much as I can see, all building blocks from both Altera Blocksets seem to cause no problems, but the normal "Input" and "Output" blocks. These blocks, once added to the model, prevent me from saving the model with the following error: 


"An error occurred during a callback while saving '../matlab_documents/test4.slx'. The previously saved version of this file (if any) has not been changed.  


Error evaluating 'PreSaveFcn' callback of Input AlteraBlockset block (mask) 'test4/Input'.  


Error reported by S-function 'sInOut' in 'test4/Input': java.lang.NullPointerException at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getAbsoluteTestbenchPath(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getValidIOFile(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getSaltFileForBlock(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.blocks.IOBlock.getIOFile(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.blocks.IOBlock.getIOFileNames(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.blocks.IOBlock.access$000(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.blocks.IOBlock$IOBlockLibrary$1.eval(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl.call(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._factor(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._term(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._expr3(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._expr2(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._expr(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._cond(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._root(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl._top(Unknown Source) at com.altera.etc.minieval.MiniEvalImpl.evaluate(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Block.calculateExpressionParameters(Unknown Source) at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Mask.init(Unknown Source)" 


Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this? 


Thanks in advance! 


PS: I've just realized that this happens only if I try to save the model in the .slx format. It doesn't occur if I use the .mdl extension instead.
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I have the same problem as you  

when i run the  

>> alt_dspbuilder_createComponentLibrary 

Error in block : Arria_II_GX_EP2AGX125_alteradspbuilder2/4-Bit DIP Switch 

Java exception occurred:  

com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.MaskInitialisationException: Exception in block 'Arria_II_GX_EP2AGX125_alteradspbuilder2/4-Bit DIP Switch'at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Mask.init(Unknown Source) 

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionat com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getAbsoluteTestbenchPath(Unknown Source)at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getValidIOFile(Unknown Source)at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.Model.getSaltFileForBlock(Unknown Source)at com.altera.dspbuilder.simulation.blocks.IOBlock.getIOFile(Unknown Source)... 1 more 





An error occurred during a callback while saving 


The previously saved version of this file (if any) has not been changed. 

Error in save_system (line 38) 


Error in 


(line 28)
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Try to save the model using the '.mdl' filename extension.