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Ethernet pins for Stratix II with EP2S60F1020C3

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Hello everybody, 


I’m a French student in electronics engineering. 

I’m trying to use the Ethernet MAC/PHY (LAN91C111 device) IP with Nios II but I have some problems with the pins assignments in Quartus II software (v9.0). 

My board is a stratix ii with ep2s60f1020c3 FPGA. 


Can you tell me why I can’t find the System Control Bus pins T20, T21, T25, T26 and V26 indicated in the stratix ii dsp development board reference manual when I use the pin planner of Quartus for ep2s60f1020c3 FPGA? 


Can you tell me what other pins assignments I could make for these pins? 



Thanks in advance. 



Samson Bossé.
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